Savaiian Tours

Savaiian Tours

The Savai’ian Hotel also provides Wharf to Hotel transfers for accommodation right round the island. Being only 7 minutes' drive from the wharf we are conveniently located for this service. 

Opting to go on one of our personalised guided tours of Savaii will be a decision you won't regret!! We have been providing excellent tours of Savaii for over 15yrs and what we value most is your experience. Sure you can hire a cab and fly around the island at lightening speed, but what you will miss out on is what we always promise our guests, which is the following:

  • An experience, 15yrs of touring with local resident guides of the island ensures that we are experts (narration and communication is key). We ensure that every site you visit is not just a picture opportunity but a chance to learn a little about our island and people. We provide ongoing commentary on history, culture, heritage on what you see, and why things are the way they are in Savaii!!
  • Our tours include cultural stops as well so that you don’t just get to see our environment but meet our people and learn a little about our culture
  • You are our priority- we ensure that you are transported in comfortable vehicles on tour and always arrive back at your designated destination on time, every time
  • A packed lunch comes straight out of our trustworthy hotel kitchen and we also provide water and cover your entry fees so that you get a hassle free experience!!

North Coast Tour

Bus and Turtles and Lava

This tour takes a little more than half a day and covers the North coast of Savaii. It will begin with a visit to our colourful Salelologa Market before heading off northwards. Brief stops are made at various natural attractions and areas of historical significance such as Sapapalii where Christianity was first introduced to Samoa, and local coastal freshwater springs.

The drive northwards is a delightful ride through many neat scattered coastal villages, opportunities for taking photos can be made along the way. The highlight of this tour includes arriving at the Saleaula lava fields which are now 100yrs old. Following this we will visit ‘’swim with the turtles’’ where the opportunity to get into the water with these amazing creatures is provided. The Letui ‘peá peá cave’ is our last stop, which is home to a local swiftlet population which was almost wiped out in the recent 1990’s cyclones, these graceful birds have found haven in a fascinating cave which one of many naturally formed lava tubes.

A minimum of 2 people is required. Group discounts are available on inquiry!


South Coast Tour

Boat House and Splash and Waterfall

This tour takes a little more than half a day and covers the south coast of Savaii. It starts off with a brief visit to our very colourful Salelologa market , and then heads off down the south coast. This drive will take you through several small coastal villages and lush rainforest area. Stops are made at various natural attractions such as the fresh water springs, and Taga sea arches as well as areas of historical significance.

The highlight of this tour is the arrival at the Taga blowholes which are spectacular in sight and force. Natural tubes in lava rock meeting the ocean allow for ocean swells to shoot water in jet streams as high as 30 meters into the air. Another popular stop is a “Tapa cloth” or “Siapo” making demonstration. Siapo, is an age old traditional art Samoans have used since the beginning of time to decorate and clothe . Siapo is a type of paper made from pounded bark. A Siapo making demonstration is a delightful experience where we take you to the fale/house of some local Samoan women who will run you through the process, from collecting the raw product from the environment surrounding them, to the final piece of fine artwork.

Heading back into Salelologa stops are made at the fresh water springs and eventually our beautiful Afuaáu falls where a rock pool at the base of a waterfall allows for a swimming break. Lunch will be provided here.




A minimum of 2 are required to go on tour. 

Please Note

Minimum of 2 persons on tour. If you are on a tight scheduled Holiday and wish to see Savaii but are unable to stay the night, we are happy to collect your from the Salelologa wharf (ideally the 8am or 6am boats should be caught), Take you on one of our half island tours, a meal and a swim included, and then return you to your departing ferry on the same day. Please pick from the above options for tour.

Tours are relaxed and additional stops are happily made upon request for photos etc.

Bookings  for tours are absolutely  essential . As we don’t get masses of visitors to the island on a daily basis , our tours only run upon booking which tends to be once or twice a week. Therefore  arranging a tour ahead of time is always recommended.

What to bring: a sturdy pair of shoes, sunscreen and a hat, a towel and some change for swimming, and of course a camera!

Please note that we do not do tours for 1 person. A minimum of 2 persons is an absolute must. We also are not able to accomodate for tours on Public holidays


To book your tour now add a tour on when booking your room-tours are offered as an optional extra so don't miss out and book now:)

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